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Sakai is a one stop shop for courses, research projects, committees, and other collaborative activities. Sakai has approximately 40,000 unique users per week, and represents approximately 55% of the undergraduate for-credit course sections taught each year. Sakai has become the platform of choice for most faculty from the Rutgers-New Brunswick and Rutgers-Camden campuses.

Some of the things that can be done with Sakai:

  • Manage courses with up-to-date rosters, photo rosters, and simple class communication methods (never manage another class mailing list again!)
  • Share materials with students, staff, and colleagues at other universities
  • Conduct a hybrid course with intuitive discussion forums and easy content sharing
  • Have access to always available file storage
  • Share grades with students during the semester and send official course grades to the Registrar with one click
  • Have students reflect upon their experiences while at Rutgers through university developed electronic portfolios
  • Use web-based conferencing to further engage with students
  • Use web-based conferencing to facilitate individual and small group collaboration
  • Use Turnitin for review of student papers

Sakai now includes web-based conferencing and Lesson Builder. Mobile Sakai, as the name suggests, means Sakai now works with mobile devices like cell phones.

Online Class Rosters and Grade Submission

Authorized faculty and staff can view, download and administer class rosters and submit grades and warnings online. For more information on this and other academic support services, please visit the Enterprise Application Services page at

To access class rosters and grade submission directly, please visit

Tools for submitting and managing grades, and for viewing class rosters are also available through Sakai. Please see the previous secition on Sakai for more details.

Web-based Video Conferencing

OIRT offers Big Blue Button as Sakai's web-based video conferencing tool. Please contact for further information.

Instructional Support

OIRT staff are available to meet one-on-one or in small groups with faculty interested in hybrid courses, fully online courses, and the effective addition of technology to face to face courses.

OIRT Teaching and Learning Support Services

OIRT works with faculty, students, and staff using technology to enhance students learning experiences at Rutgers. We do this by:

  • Working individually with faculty to help them effectively incorporate technology into their teaching practices
  • Providing seminars and workshops in which faculty and staff discuss their use of technology in teaching and learning
  • Assisting faculty in the development of hybrid and fully online courses
  • Managing the Sakai collaborative learning system, including creation of new tools and features, training, troubleshooting, and email and telephone support
  • Managing the development of ePortfolios as requested by units throughout the university
  • Providing video services including video production, event recording, and webcasting
  • Investigating new uses for multimedia in teaching and learning


For more information on any of the above topics, please visit or email

Electronic Portfolios

Increase the effectiveness of student learning across the curriculum with the use of ePortfolios. Give students the opportunity to reflect on their educational experience for the purpose of gaining insight and direction, by collecting and reflecting on information about school courses, work experiences, and personal interests. OIRT will assist units in establishing ePortfolios from conceptualization through implementation:

  • Meet with faculty, staff, and students to determine specific needs
  • Develop a working ePortfolio specific to the project, to be incorporated into the Sakai collaborative learning environment
  • Provide training and support for faculty and staff involved in the project

ePortfolios are currently in use within the Graduate Schools of Education and Pharmacy, the Douglass Residential College, and the First Year Interest Group Program. For more information, send email to

For assistance with programmatic assessment, contact the Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research (CTAAR) at

OIT Academic Digest

Stay up to date with news and announcements

To help faculty and staff keep abreast of changes in OIT services, OIT provides a monthly academic digest. To receive this digest, please send email to

Google @ Rutgers (ScarletApps) In Full Swing

The Office of Information Technology is pleased to announce the production implementation of the Rutgers Google Apps for Education suite. The new service is called ScarletApps and it includes the most popular Google Apps - Gmail, Drive, Calendar, etc. as well as the recent addition of many of the applications formerly available only with personal Google accounts. For a current list of available ScarletApps, go to

New incoming and transfer students are currently offered ScarletMail accounts by default as their primary Rutgers account during the NetID activation and services selection process. Additionally, any active student, faculty or staff member may activate the new service. Please note that there are no plans to phase out RCI email.

This new service provides a large repository of collaborative resources that can enrich the learning, instructional and work environments for Rutgers students, faculty and staff.

To activate and access the ScarletApps service, go to or the myRutgers portal.

Enhance Student Learning with Technology


Support for the use of technology in instruction is available through the OIT Office of Instructional and Research Technology. Staffed with Instructional Designers and Application Developers, we strive to keep up-to-date on the latest trends in technology, and its uses in education. We can meet with individual faculty, small groups, and departments to aid faculty with their technology needs by:

  • Providing pedagogical support on the use of technology in education
  • Identifying ways to use technology to enhance student collaboration, discussions, and overall engagement
  • Training on a variety of technology tools applicable to education

To arrange for a consultation, please send email to

Faculty Guide to Instructional Technology at Rutgers

The Faculty Guide to Instructional Technology at Rutgers summarizes the various instructional technology support services available at Rutgers. To read it, go to

Campus Computer Labs / Instructional Computer Labs

Bring your class to where the students go for computing

OIT operates a number of computer labs on each of the New Brunswick campuses, some conveniently co-located in the University Libraries. In these labs, students have access to Windows and Macintosh computers, a wide variety of software applications as well as high speed laser and color printers. In a number of the OIT operated facilities, specialized instructional computing labs are available. These labs can accomodate anywhere from 20 to 50 students (depending on the location and schedule) and can provide hands-on access to specialized software during the teaching of the class.

For more information on these specialized labs, please visit or email

Digital Classroom Services

Digital Classroom Services (DCS) maintains and supports the operation of audio/visual equipment on the New Brunswick campuses' general purpose classrooms. Since there are varying capabilities, review their website for the rooms or capabilities that are of interest. Helpful instructional videos are posted on the website. For more information including specific room configurations or to schedule training, please visit

Student Access to Mathematical Software

For the upcoming school year, Maple, Mathematica, Matlab, SAS, and SPSS will be available for class instruction and student use in the Newark, Camden, and New Brunswick public labs. In the labs, students can save their results to their campus ICI based accounts or to their thumb drive.

The service provides student access to Maple, Mathematica, Matlab, R, SAS, Stata, SPSS, Sage, PSPP, and other mathematical packages from RUWireless, their home, or their campus residence. If they haven't previously used Apps, students will need to complete the Apps "service activation" request via before being able to use This cloud service will allow students to access and run these mathematical and statistical packages on central systems using their browser with the ability to port results to a PDF file for local printing.

For information on how students can purchase or download their own copy of these packages, refer to and choose the package of interest.

YouTube EDU and iTunes U

Faculty and staff have the opportunity to upload videos to the Rutgers YouTube or the Rutgers iTunes U sites, found at or respectively. For more information, send email to

Video Production Support and Video Series

The Office of Instructional and Research Technology (OIRT) engages in consultations with individuals and departments regarding their use of audio and video in the classroom or in the workplace. We work with individuals and departments to produce audio, image-enhanced audio, and video content, as well as conduct training workshops related to the various technologies used to create rich media content. OIRT will also engage in consultations with faculty and staff regarding how best to use rich media in the classroom or in the workplace.

OIRT also produces several university-wide series:

  • Faculty Research Spotlight: Faculty members talking about the big ideas surrounding their research.
  • Undergraduate Research Spotlight: Undergraduate students talking about their research projects.
  • Beyond the Major: Videos highlighting activities in which students can get involved while at Rutgers.

To participate in these series, send email to

To see these videos, visit

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